Showoff was formed in 1997 in Villa Park, Illinois. The band consisted of Chris Envy (a.k.a. Chris Messer/Chris Dalle-Valle) (vocals/guitar), Daniel Castady (drums), Graham Jordan (guitar), and Dave Envy (a.k.a. Dave Hyde) (bass). In 1998, Showoff signed with Maverick Records while it was owned by Madonna. Their self-titled debut album was released the following year in 1999, and was produced by Goldfinger’s John Feldmann. The single “Falling Star” reached No. 36 on the Billboard Modern Rock charts that same year.


Back in the late 90’s, Showoff was the first band to be produced by the now legendary John Feldmann. As a result, they went from a fresh-faced local Chicago band to signed by a major label with little time to catch their breath. While they celebrated a relatively huge success with their first release, they succumbed to the typical major label woes and never got to release their 2nd album due to legal red tape.

As these things go, the dust finally settled and in mid-2014 the band reformed with a mostly original lineup. One thing remains constant: They are all huge fans of the music they create, and feel that they are absolutely at their peak when they are working together to make each song all that it can be. It was a no-brainer to get into the studio and record this latest batch of songs, and they hope you’ll agree that they’re about to release our best work to date.

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